Beech Haven



Beech Haven is one of the finest examples of the Arts and Crafts style of both buildings and grounds, not only in Athens, Georgia, but in the entire southeastern United States.

Developed in the early 20th century along the Middle Oconee River, the former Rowland family summer retreat is truly a wonderland of arts and crafts-inspired buildings, structures, and landscape features, as well as a horticultural and botanical dream, but it is in danger.

To preserve it we need your help. 

More than 90 acres of the original property is now protected as part of Athens-Clarke County‘s greenway network, and, while it is not yet open to the public, Beech Haven is expected to become an important community amenity in the future. Unfortunately, no public funds are currently available to do the work needed to save two of the property’s landmark structures – the Summer House (see above) and the Camelback Bridge.

To preserve these structures and to ensure they are part of Beech Haven’s—and Athens’— future, the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation has stepped in to raise $55,000 needed for their stabilization and preservation.

Please donate today and help save this piece of Athens’ history before it is lost forever!

Here’s how to donate:
Send your tax-deductible contribution to a special fund established for this project by the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation. Checks can be mailed to: Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, 489 Prince Avenue, Athens, GA 30601. Click here to donate online.

Questions? Contact ACHF at 706.353.1801 or e-mail