Chair: Kristen Morales (newsletter), Paul Trudeau (website)
The communications committee connects ACHF to members and the community at large by disseminating information about events, projects and issues. This committee produces a newsletter three times a year, and also maintains a presence on social media (currently Facebook), especially creating events and inviting ACHF friends. This committee also assists the executive director with the website, making updates as necessary, and assists committees with their PR needs including promoting events such as the Fun-n-Friends, Annual Awards, Holiday Gala and other events/issues.

Chair: Victoria Prevatt
The purpose of this committee is to coordinate income for ACHF, both short- and long-term. This coordination takes place through membership, special events, sponsorships, and other income streams. This committee develops, updates and maintains a long-term income strategy that may include a capital campaign, annual gifts, bequests, and other life-income gifts. This committee also assists the executive director in soliciting and securing corporate sponsorships. This year Victoria will be working with Committees to help them identify sponsors for their events and programs.

Chair: Currently vacant
This committee works to educate the ACHF membership and the community on the advantages of preserving historic property and related issues. This committee may organize education-related events, such as workshops for realtors, homeowners, or developers; neighborhood walking tours; and specialty tours produced with assistance by Classic City tours. This committee may also work in conjunction with the communications committee to produce publications, meetings, or create content for the ACHF website. The committee can also work with Preservation Issues chair on events promoting/educating in the area of historic preservation

Chair: Daniel Epting
This committee oversees the budget, financial statements, and general fiscal status of the organization. The committee also reviews all financial matters before ACHF and makes necessary recommendations to the Board of Trustees, and oversees financial particulars of special events. Members of this committee include the treasurer, treasurer-elect, president, and president-elect. Other committee members may be chosen as needed.

Future Plan
Chair: Victoria Prevatt
The ACHF Board of Trustees developed a draft strategic framework in 2010 which can provide ideas for possible implementation by committees. The Board is not currently planning to develop a future plan this year but may decide to pursue one in the near future. This year, Victoria, as chair, will work with committees to develop an annual calendar of events and programs that further the mission of ACHF.

Chair: Carol Williams
This committee works to maximize the involvement of ACHF members. The committee organizes membership drives and regular membership events, such as the twice-yearly Fun-N-Friends event as well as the annual meeting. This committee collaborates with the Education, Preservation Issues and/or Special Events committees when necessary, and also works with the Communications committee on promoting these events. This committee also is responsible for annually reviewing the membership structure, making recommendations to the Board of Trustees, and recognizing the time and efforts of all who volunteer to support ACHF.

Chair: Kristen Morales
This committee handles all ongoing personnel matters for ACHF, the Athens Welcome Center, and Classic City Tours. Members handle hiring, personnel reviews, and benefits. Members include the president, president-elect, and treasurer.

Preservation Issues
Chair: Kelsey Cochran
This committee works proactively in the community, and with trustees and members, to highlight preservation issues within the community. This committee will collaborate with the Education, Special Events and Communication committees to plan events and activities to raise awareness of these issues. The committee will also keep the board and membership apprised of information related to changes to historic properties or endangered properties in the Athens area, and recommend appropriate action when necessary.

Special Events
Chair: Kim Noland
This committee serves as an umbrella committee for all special events, including but not limited to the Holiday Gala, Fall Fundraiser, Tour of Homes, and others. This committee will be responsible for brainstorming and recommending ideas for events, and coming up with a calendar for the following year. The committee will also be responsible for recruiting special event chairs, assisting those chairs in developing committees, and monitoring the progress of special events throughout the year. The chair acts as a liaison to the board for each special event.

Athens Welcome Center
Chair: Bobbie McKeller
Committee serves as an advisory committee to the AWC Director in terms of the general operations and activities of the Athens Welcome Center.

Ware-Lyndon House
Chair: Kendell Turner (Board Liaison: Jim Warnes)
Oversees the decorative arts collection housed in the Ware-Lyndon House Museum and partners with the Lyndon House Arts Center in planning educational programming and fundraisers as well as in developing interpretive methods for the house and training docents. The liaison serves as the ACHF’s board representative on the committee.



Athens Historic House Museum Association
The Athens Historic House Museum Association works to increase the awareness of Athens’ architectural and cultural heritage through interpretation of historic resources, making Athens a primary destination for heritage tourists, students of history and the decorative arts, and a source of pride and education for all Athenians.

Hands on Athens Steering Committee
Chair: Emily Boness
Hands On Athens is a volunteer-based program that provides repairs and maintenance on historic homes and homes in historic neighborhoods whose owners meet specific low-income qualifications. HOA is staffed with one part-time administrator, funded through a Community Development Block Grant, with oversight provided by a steering committee made up of representatives from various public agencies, private businesses, and nonprofits.

Revolving Fund Advisory Board
Chair: Smith Wilson (Board Liaison: Paul Trudeau)
This five-member board directs Revolving fund activities through goals and policy setting, and makes recommendations to the board of trustees and preservation issues committee. One ACHF trustee serves on the Revolving fund Board as a liaison.

2017 Nominating Committee
Chair: Kristen Morales

2017 Preservation Awards
Chair: Paul Trudeau