Kissane steps down from executive director position

Dear ACHF members,

 It is with an abundance of mixed emotions that I announce my resignation as executive director of the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation. In my 16 years in this position, I have come to know many of you on a personal level, and also fought side-by-side with you to save historic buildings, preserve our neighborhoods, improve processes within our local government, and celebrate the deep, rich history we have here in Athens.

 This job has enabled me to be involved in the Athens community in an extremely meaningful way. I’ve “grown-up” and raised a family while working here at Old Fire Hall No. 2 and learned a tremendous amount about myself, about how communities work, and about the world of nonprofits, among other things.

And so, while I can’t help but look back with a mixture of pride, nostalgia, melancholy and, yes, a sense of things left undone, I also am very excited about my future and the future of ACHF, for with change comes opportunity. Finding new frontiers will bring on new challenges for me and will also provide an opportunity for ACHF, as an organization, to examine its vision and all that it can do for Athens-Clarke County. To be honest, I am as excited for ACHF as I am for me.

Our Board of Trustees will be in communication with you over the next several weeks as my plan for transition and replacement is ironed out. Thank you for your support and all you do to further the work of ACHF.