Neighborhood of the Month – October 2017

Neighborhood of the Month:

January – Dearing Street & Henderson Avenue                         February – Cobbham Historic District

March – Boulevard                                                                          April – Winterville

May – Rocksprings-Rutherford-Cloverhurst-Springdale           June – Bloomfield 

July – Milledge Avenue Historic District and Milledge Circle Historic District

August – Reese Street Historic District                                        September – West Hancock Avenue Historic District

October – Buena Vista Heights Historic District

The Buena Vista Heights historic district is located in northwest Athens. The area used to be an African-American settlement before it was bought by the Athens Park and Improvement Company along with the adjacent Boulevard historic district to be turned into middle class neighborhoods in 1890. The area developed as a streetcar line suburb of Athens that was laid out in a grid with one main boulevard that was called The Boulevard. The streetcar made it possible for the middle class families to move away from the city centre yet still have a convenient mode of transportation between the downtown and their neighborhood. The area is hilly and has lots of tree growth to shade the area. The lots are oriented towards the main boulevard and contain historic landscaping features such as retaining walls and steps up to the homes due to the hilly nature of the land.

The homes of the district are single family homes in a variety of styles, as is typical in a streetcar suburb, with most being only one story. A majority of the homes were constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These are similarities that Buena Vista Heights shares with its sister historic district, the Boulevard historic district, although the two are separated by a modern development. The district contains house types that are commonly found in Georgia including but not limited to Georgian Cottage, English Cottage, Queen Anne, New South and Bungalows.


Photo Gallery Provided by Kristin Karch