Athens’ Historic Neighborhoods

Athens has a variety of neighborhoods representing all forms of Southern architecture. From the columned mansions along Milledge and Prince avenues to the quaint mill villages and charming 1940s brick homes, you’re likely to step back in time simply by taking a walk.

Below are the Athens neighborhoods that are designated a local historic district. This means that homes in these neighborhoods are protected from extensive changes, and new construction must be within the scale of the existing homes. Explore and discover the wealth of history that Athens has to offer!

The Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation offers its Heritage Walks series every year, touring different areas of the city, but self-guided tours are also available at the Athens Welcome Center.



Bloomfield is a densely developed district characterized by houses with uniform setbacks on small and predominantly rectangular lots. Victorian Eclectic, American Four-square, Bungalow, and Craftsman styles can be found along with a few houses with Tudor Revival and Neoclassical detailing.
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Boulevard Historic District is an Athens streetcar suburb dating from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Houses range from one to two stories in height and from simple vernacular cottages to large mansions.
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Map of the neighborhood around the time of its founding in 1898.


Buena Vista Heights

Buena Vista Heights was designated as a local historic district in 2013 and includes 62 properties with most built between 1890 and 1960. The area developed as a working-class residential neighborhood along the streetcar line and near the Southern Manufacturing Company.
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West Cloverhurst-Springdale

West Cloverhurst / Springdale Historic District is an early- to mid-20th century residential area, which reflects a variety of architectural styles from the era. Defining visual characteristics include the eclectic variety of architecture, prominent front gables, and dogwood lined streets.
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Cobbham, often called Athens’ first suburb, is characterized by substantial, well-built houses, schools, and churches lining tree-shaded streets near downtown Athens.
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Constructed primarily between 1810 and 1910, the homes in the Dearing district range in size from cottages to larger two-story residences. The tree that owns itself is a local landmark of folklore fame.
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Downtown Athens

The downtown Athens local historic district includes the core blocks of downtown, and the guidelines help preserve the unique character of this area.



The Henderson district is a small, primarily residential area composed of historic residences dating from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century. Modestly detailed folk-victorian cottages represent the most prevalent architectural style.



The Milledge Avenue Local Historic District stretches from Broad Street at the north to Lumpkin Street at the south and includes some of the finest historic architecture to be found in Athens in an area that has gracefully transitioned from a prominent residential area to embrace more commercial and institutional land uses.



The Reese Street Local Historic District is a residential neighborhood of approximately six square blocks in area located three blocks west of downtown Athens. The district primarily contains modest late 19th and early 20th century frame residences. Also within the district are one historic church and one school building as well as two historic commercial structures.
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Rocksprings is a small historic district in the middle of Athens consisting of a row of shotgun houses, the remnant of a much larger collection of worker housing dating from 1925.



Woodlawn Historic District is comprised of a group of early 20th century residences. Styles include Bungalow / Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Classical Revival, and Tudor Revival.