Entertainment Industry Tax Incentives

Georgia production incentives provide up to 30% of your Georgia production expenditures in transferable tax credits, plus up to 8% in additional savings through Georgia’s Sales and Use Tax Exemption.

State Tax Credit Benefits

Highlights from the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act include the following:

  • 20% across the board, transferable flat tax credit with a minimum of $500,000 spent on qualified production and post production expenditures within Georgia
  • Additional 10% tax credit if a production company includes an imbedded Georgia promotional logo in the qualified feature film, TV series, music video or video game project
  • Provides same tax credits to all instate and out-of-state labor working in Georgia, plus standard fringes qualify
  • No limits or caps on Georgia spend; no sunset clause
  • For commercials and music videos, a production company may group multiple projects together to meet the $500,000 minimum spend on qualified expenditures

Sales & Use Tax Exemption Benefits

The Georgia Sales & Use Tax Exemption provides qualified film, video, broadcast and music production companies working in Georgia with immediate point-of-purchase savings on most below-the-line materials and service purchases, leases or rentals. This easy-to-use financial tool applies to both state and local sales taxes, adding up to 8% in cost savings per qualified purchase.

For more information on incentives for the entertainment industry, please visit http://www.georgia.org/industries/entertainment-industry/Pages/production-incentives.aspx or contact:

Alison Fibben, Georgia Department of Economic Development