Planned Development Zoning

The current binding Planned Development (PD) is zoned for Multi-Family Residential. The “Master Plan for Southern Mills Lofts” of December 1999 (with 2001 amendments) is in full force based on the following conditions and amendments:

  • This site contains 18.154 acres with 57.5% open space and 42.5% impervious ground coverage.
  • The site contains 224 units between 8 housing buildings, both existing and new buildings, and Pool House building.
  • According the requirements of 560 parking spaces, the current PD shows 561 parking spaces.
  • There will only be three new structures that are only three stories tall to be compatible with the historic ordinance.
  • The cul-de-sac will remain according with the original site planned development.
  • Any lease of the premises will contain language stating that the adjacent premises will produce noise and odor due to the business and transportation occurring there; these noises and odors can be an inconvenience to residents of the premises at times. By entering into a lease and based on the language about noise and nuisance, the tenant acknowledges and accepts these things.

If the PD was to be amended from the previously listed language due to new development concepts, the following conditions would needed to be addressed and amended:

I. General
-Tree Canopy Cover Ordinance- Needs Amendment***
-Storm Water Management- Needs Amendment
The development concepts reduce the impacts on the items listed above.

II. Mixed-Use: Medical/Multi-Generational
-Assisted Living: Needs Approval
-Grocery Store: Needs Approval
-Gym: Prohibited–Needs Amendment
-Medical Offices: Needs Amendment/Approval

III. Mixed-Use: Arts Community
-Studios for Film, etc.: Needs Approval
-Restaurant: Needs Approval
-Gallery: Needs Approval

IV. Mixed-Use: Industrial
-Light Industry: Prohibited — Needs Amendment

Needs Approval = Subject to approval under the special use procedures section.
Needs Amendment = Prohibited use, currently, thus needs amending in the PD.
The approval comes from Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission.
Administrative: very minor alterations– tree species, etc.– signed by director

Minor Amendment: footprint shift, unit # doesn’t change, exterior material change, etc. Fifteen (15) day review by m&c, attorney, mgmt..  Plan signed by Planning Director if everyone agrees.

Full Pd Amendment- either full cycle or short cycle (prelim pd, master pd) depending on extent of alterations