Walking The Hill

The Thurmond-Barks-Knowlton House, c. 1818. The second story and columns were part of an 1850 addition.

Sunday, November 12 at 2:00pm

1800 Crescent Lane, also known as “The Hill” is an enclave of several historic homes that were saved from demolition and moved to the site. The Hill had its origins with Lee Epting’s grandparents, The Daniels, who lived there in the 1930s. Epting’s foray into historic preservation and reclamation came while converting his Grandfather Daniel’s barn for a party house while in college—a project which soon evolved into making the structure his home. In 1979, the Eptings provided a home for a circa 1800 two-story log house built by his family in South Carolina. As word spread, other condemned and threatened homes found their way to The Hill. Eventually, Epting’s orphanage for endangered houses grew to include eight period homes, located in a picturesque landscape of unpaved drives with no streetlights. The homes include the c. 1800 Donnald-Epting House, the c. 1801 Hodgson-Lumpkin House, and the c. 1818 Thurmond-Barks-Knowlton House. Four of the homes are used to host weddings, special events and business retreats and are rented for both short and long-term guest housing. This tour will last approximately two hours.


Tour guide:

A native Athenian, Lee Epting attended Emory University and the University of Georgia, from which he earned a BBA in 1967. While at both colleges, he ran his fraternity’s kitchen as a business, and his career in catering and restaurant operation was launched. Early in his career, Epting restored the 1909 Southern Railway passenger station on Hoyt Street and opened a restaurant there. His catering business began soon after, and today he is the owner of Epting Events, which began with himself, a cook and a bartender and has now expanded into a business which employs 75 people. Epting has served as a trustee with the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation and is a generous supporter of many local causes and events.

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